Other than the whole no sleep thing, life is great.  This little girl is so sweet.  After 2 straight nights of literally NO SLEEP at all we removed the swaddle and lookie there, lil bit just wanted her hands out by her face.  She slept last night for 3.5-4 hours straight ALL night and let me tell you, I never realized how good 4 hours of sleep could make you feel.  Especially when that is all you have had since umm...last Sunday.  It is strange how I am so dang tired I feel like I could die and yet I almost look forward to that little squeak just a couple of hours after falling asleep just so I can see her and talk to her and kiss her sweet lips.  Babies make people total softies, I don't care who you are.

Have a great MOTHERS DAY!!


  1. What a good trick! Glad you are getting some sleep!

  2. Happy first Mother's Day to you angel!!

  3. Oh my little Letta Loo~I miss y'all already! I have some goodies that are coming your way!


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