Going Home

I'm gonna make this short and sweet cause lets be honest, she is 20 inches and the sweetest thing ever... for those of you that ever said child birth was easy and that you forget as soon as you see them, you lied.  But every time I see this face, every time I get to kiss her on the mouth because she is MINE and you can mouth kiss you own babies, I realize I would do it again in a second for her.  She is perfect.  And for the next several posts all you will get from me is pics.  :)

Yeah we made that.  It's pretty amazing.  After all this time of being pregnant I never imagined this is what she would look like.  And I never imagined her being any different.  It's funny how that works. 


  1. Girl you crack me up! Ya'll have fun at home! Tell me everything!!

  2. Oh my Letta! She is perfect and I can't wait to get my hands on her this weekend! Again!

  3. i am in LUV with my baby niece/cousin already. i wanna love and love and love her. i cannot wait to just hold her and kiss her toes tomorrow. congrats lp!


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