What a month!

Let's see... we have had quite the busy month around these parts.  Hence the reason I have blogged like 3 times.  I guess sister wasn't kidding when she said I would slack off once the babe arrived!  Well today the babe is one month old!! Man time has flown by and 3 weeks ago I did not think that was possible.  Lets see, 3 weeks ago I thought I was on the verge of death from lack of sleep and trying to get the hang of this mommy thing.  Well for now I think I have got it.  Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, baby has overcome her heinous gas issues and is actually able to sleep.  She is having her daily dose of Bio Gaia and has been for about 2 weeks.  This stuff has made a HUGE difference in babes sleeping and belly issues.   It makes her belly happy! : )  She has started having lots more awake time these days and has her awake fussy time nightly from about 5-7.  We had a great weekend home with daddy.  He was off Saturday AND Monday and when you own a restaurant that is a BIG deal!!  We had to go ahead with the fathers day present because the babe me just could not wait or hide it!

Yup his dreams of being a BGE owner finally came true!! I had great plans to hide it and have him find it but once I discovered that one box weighed 163 lbs (and there were 4 boxes) I decided we should give it to him while I had help from the grandparents!  He is in LOVE and I will post on the first use results!!  Alright here are the pics!

Chunky Monkey

Memorial Day Melon

OK this is hilarious...I'm thinkin Don Vito/ I had a little too much milk to drink!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!!  Oh and to the point of this post, my babe is ONE MONTH old on Thursday!! Happy one month sweet girl!~


  1. I cant get over how much she has changed!and grown!! Good to hear about the tummy issues. Write all this down for me incase I need a refresher coarse

  2. Yay Letta, you are one month old! Youare a precious angel and I will see you next Monday! SIssy, what can I get Jason for Father's Day? Ideas please....


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