Around here we have been ALL smiles!!

We painted our piggy's a most perfect shade of pink for our beach trip!!

And had a play date with Scarlets' boyfriend, Hollis.  He is quite the ladies man and I can assure you, next time we hang out with him, Scarlet will be sporting a mohawk herself.  And no I am not kidding!

Hope everyone else is having a great time!  Happy first day of summer!


  1. Can't believe you painted her piggies! And please, please do not give this angel a mohawk!!

  2. Oh my gosh, my niece is so beautiful, look at that presh smile!! And Hollis is adorable, what a great first boyfriend for Scarlet!!!

  3. My mom told me you painted her toes and I thought that was hilarious and SOOOOO cute!
    Love all that hair she has.


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