Update :

I don't know that anyone cares but I am still alive!  I have had so much going on!! The babe has slept through the night for a week.  You guys, at 5 weeks!!! This is AWESOME!! I know some don't agree but for me, Babywise is a gift from God!  We have been busy, busy now that our little one is happy as a lark.  We have been to the pool...

She got in the water for a bit with mommy but a little one at this age can stand more than about 10 minutes in this Alabama heat.  She got to meet one of her THREE great grandmothers!

She learned how to smile!! Let me tell you, this is heart melting.  A huge toothless grin that of course I cannot capture on camera!  

So for now (and forever) this little one has ALL of my attention and all of my heart.  I will get back when I can!


  1. Way cool picture of Great-grandmother and Scarlet!!! That's a keeper for sure!!

  2. Precious! glad to know Babywise is panning out! You had me worried for a minute girlfriend!


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