Dude, I am SOOOOOO excited for Thanksgiving I can't stand it.  I can't wait to see my family, I seriously wish I was ballsy enough to make a video about how pumped I am to see my fam and show off the babes but I'm not.  So we are off to the greatest place in all of the land, AKA Brentwood, Tennessee.  We will see my Grannie who lives there, we will stay at the Hilton Overlook cause we have for the past 10 years and they love us.  We will leave our baby in the room to sleep while we are down at the hotel bar, cause we do that, we will eat, drink, and FOR SURE be merry.  I am so damn pumped.  Sorry to go on but this is the one time a year we see everyone, from Cincinnati to Alabama, from Tybee Island to Greenville, ALL of em' will be there.
OK I'm done with that.  A lot of changes have happened around here.  Scarlet now has her milk from a sippy cup except for bedtime, cause thats special daddy baby time that we don't wanna give up yet.  She is also attempting to crawl...yikes-a-thon.  My house is a crawlers nightmare.  I have slowly been trying to eliminate hazardous things but that would mean I eliminated the whole house, so there is that.  I hope you all have a safe & happy holiday!  Get to those Christmas decorations and show me some pics!  I need ideas cause I want to go ALL out this year.  I already started ;)  Hope everyone eats as good as I will be this week.  What are you excited about?  And thankful for?  My answer is this little bit of Heaven.


  1. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, I would be thankful for you, your sister, John, Jason, EMMA and SCARLET and my sweet Mother! So there, and I cannot wait either!!

  2. Hey Sarah!!!!!! I cannot wait to see you guys in TN! You better get your sister and yalls hubbies on a plan to hang out. War Damn Eagle! Be sure and bring an AU outfit for Scarlet, I want to get all the babies in their AU gear. Love you guys. I just realized I am probably going to get to see your mom too which really makes me smile! C ya soon.

  3. Most stylish baby ever! Too cute :) I'm sad I'm headed out of Nashville when y'all are headed toward it...maybe if y'all come up again we can meet for a meal or coffee or something! Have a happy Thanksgiving, Macon cousins!


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