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I know, would I quit posting baby shit already?  No, I won't.  We are not crunchy here, we do not eat all organic, we do not recycle, and we have bought a LOT of disposable diapers in the past 9 months.  But lately we have been having some talk of cloth diapering (gasp) and looked around on eBay for some deals and ideas of all of the different types.  We talked about the money end of it, that we have spent well over $1000 on diapers and she will be in em' for at least 2 more years.  We talked about buying a few here and there and when Macon Baby #2 rolls around we will be stocked up and only buying disposables for trips where we do not have a washer & dryer available.  We talked about the fact that my mom CD my sister & I and this is the ONE baby idea I have had that she didn't shoot down :)  Anyway after we talked about all of that I got back to eBay-in and bought up about 7 diaps.  I didn't read the fine print that these jokers are coming from China and I won't have em' til mid-March so I went a bought a couple locally to test out.  Now I'm diggin this y'all.  I wish my panties felt like this magical fleecy blanket (no I'm not rubbing it on my cheek right now) and I bet baby girl will like it too!  The ones I bought today are called a Flip by BumGenius.  They are a diaper cover with a insert (kinda like a giant maxi pad) that you tuck in them.  I like them but I had a little trial & error when the front part of the insert got moved over and little Scarlet peed a pool in her high chair...trial & error right?  Anyway I have a lot of different types coming so I will update about the ones we like. :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you CD give me some tips!


  1. BTW the flip is called a "Hybrid" diaper! b.c you are supposed to be able to just reuse the shell with a new insert instead of washing it each time. Did you read the links on my CD tab on my blog?

  2. and... im so proud of you! I think you are gonna love it once you get all the kinks worked out!


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