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Dudes, I cleaned out my closet tonight (again) and found some cool clothes that no longer compliment my "sexy" mom body.  You can buy em.  First person that comments on a specific item gets it, $5 shipping whether you buy 1 or all of em.  None of these have been worn much.  I am not doing all of that B.S. worn once blah so if ya want it buy it.  I swear there is not dirty grub clothes (in this stack) and no skid marks. Have fun.

 Ann Taylor Loft Pink linen pants.  Size 4.  Yes they need to be ironed.  Tell ya what, buy em and I'll iron em before shipping.  Worn once, they are too tight on my waist (thanks kid).  $15 (Retail $59.50 3 weeks ago)

 CUTE ass Lerner NY tube top.  once again thanks kid.  Size 4 worn a few times, great condition $8

Side zip linen tank, some fancy boutique brand. Size M. $8

Cute ass Free People top.  Size M.  $12

Another cute FP top.  Love this one but it is a little too big.  Size 10 (fits like an 8).  $15.

Random maternity shirt found in my closet.  Pea in the pod. Size S. $8

I love love this top/cardi.  Doesn't do many any favors anymore for me thanks to this muffin I'm sportin'.  Free People, size M.  $15.  (scroll down and check out the cute cinched back)!

Made this pic xtra large so you could see the pretty-ness of this top.  Free People butterfly sleeves with awesome designs on front and back  Size S.  Love this top wore it once.  Paid $110 asking $20

Urban Outfitters tee.  so comfy, thin as paper and a little too big for me. Size M.  $5

Sophie Max cute sleeveless top.  Never worn, hung in my closet for 2 years!  Size L.  $8.

  This is sooooo cute and I have worn it a couple of times but since having a kid it just doesn't fit right anymore.  gathered waist. Size S.  100% cotton.  Anthropologie.  $8

Banana Republic brown trousers.  Size 8.  never worn.  to big when I bout em but I liked em?!  $15

American Eagle gray "khaki's"  LOVE these pants but the day I can squeeze my ass back into a 4 will be the day.  The End.  $8

This shirt is so cute but I just don't wear it.  Free People 3/4 sleeve peasant blouse.  Gathered in back. size S. $15.

Target tunic (I think Mossimo)  I don't know if I was drunk whenI bought this but I bought a large and although I like it, its way too big and looks awful on me.  never worn.  $4

Express cable knit short sleeved sweater.  Never worn, super cute on hanger, not so much on a cable knit body.  FML, I love this.  Bought like 6 months ago!  $12

ADORA-boots Free People short sleeve cardi.  Looks like a loose knit, dark brown.  Puffy sleeves, size M. $15.

Just realized I totally did the "worn #$&^ shit".  Whatever.  Hope ya like my clothes that don't fit me anymore.  I accept Paypal ONLY, I will send you an invoice and ship once payment is received.  And guys, no returns.  I am sorry if it doesn't fit how you imagined but I am not paying to ship it again.  Happy weekend!


  1. Ha I love all of your commentary! Tweet this! I'm
    So proud of you for listing this instead of diving it to goodwill!

    1. Except like 40 things I already gave to GW... Good things like all designer jeans. Oh well!

  2. I will totes buy every top that is a small and some of the mediums, what's that total up to?


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