I have a bad attitude today.  It's Monday.  I welcomed Aunt Flo to town in my new $15 Victoria Secret panties.  At least I was wearing some.  I've come off a full weekend of family and I don't like it.  Our Grannie is having some health problems so we packed up (my mom, sis, aunt & cousins) and went up to help keep her chin up.  We managed to squeeze in some fun (Duh) between all the sitting in the hospital and it made Gran really happy to have us there.  I came home yesterday after sitting in motha-trucking traffic for 2 hours cause a 18 wheeler jack-knifed across the interstate (now that's punny) hahahaha to quite the two year old.  Her attitude is outrageous.  She spent the weekend with my in-laws and hubs in Tuscaloosa and no doubt was up too late and covered in junk food all weekend so her attitude kind of sucked.  We haven't been home for a weekend in like 6 weeks.  This poses a problem see.  I clean on weekends, like deep clean.  The house is a wreck & I need to freaking clean but I would rather go drink my cramps away.  Fudge.  Imagine a toilet that hasn't been cleaned in 6 weeks.  Guys.  A toilet where a 2 year old pees and poops every.four.minutes.  There is a hair rug growing in my bathroom floor, Johns shower looks like a crime scene from a constant drip turned mold garden & we now have a dust bunny farm.  Like they are mating.  They will totally let you pet them too.  My job is stressing me out.  I love it and I want to be the best but having week after week of having to leave early for whatever emergency I am soooooo behind.  Guess that's pretty much all I have to bitch about.  Hope Tuesday ROCKS this hard.
Shoot low boys, she's riding a Shetland pony!
 Ferris Wheel all alone :)

 Bare Booty hand washin (similar to hillbilly hand fishin)
 And me and my Grannie.  What a sweet soul she is. 

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