We went to the doc yesterday to be sure something else wasn't going on with my little.  It's not.  She needs to poop.  No, I am not kidding.  Doc asked about her poops and I described (I'll spare you the deets) and determined that since she isn't having "healthy" ones she needs to have some prune juice and acid relief (Prevacid) as well as a tums before bed cause she is all kinds of backed up.  I am happy to know we can go to Nashville this weekend but ya'll.  This kid won't poop.  She has had 16 ounces of Prune juice in 20 hours and still won't go.  She sat on the toilet and cried for 30 minutes cause she is scared to go.  I don't know why, I guess cause she is afraid it will hurt.  It is weird cause she has been pooping on the toilet for quite sometime so I don't understand why she doesn't want to now.  Well anyway, I bought a pediatric enema (MOM, pleeeeease come over) and if she didn't go at school today.... I'll leave it at that. :)  Happy Birthday to me (totally sarcastic).

It's my Friday!

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  1. HA! love the illustration! Poor Scarlet-- hope she goes tonight-- have a good feeling she will ;)


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