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We have had some ups and downs lately.  More ups than downs, but downs none the less.  Saturday we had big plans to build a sand box, attend a neighborhood block party, and have a slumber party.  Things don't always go as planned.  John got up and went to get the sandbox supplies.  First off, this thing is bad ass, and we (Scarlet) love it.  BUT!  unless you own 1/2 of the shit it calls for, it costs much more than the alotted $67 bucks or so.  Turned out sweet & I am glad Life in the Dub Lane/our buddies The Griza's did it first so we had something to go by!
(before sand).
We went to the block party that I wish they would have EVERY weekend!  Live bluegrass music, streets roped off, a giant bouncy and snacks, beer, etc.  It was cool!  Scarlet was kinda "off" clingy the whole time but I didn't think much of it.  About 6:15 she wanted to go home for dinner so we walked back down leaving John to enjoy the get together.  As I was telling her to get off of my leg while I made her dinner she blew chunks in the kitchen floor.  No wonder she didn't want to get in a bounce house :/  Mom fail # 4,563,209.  I babied her until bed, fed her minimally and she slept great.  Enter Sunday.  Fine all day, took a big ole 3 hour nap.  Up ALL NIGHT Sunday.  Dry heaving, crying & not sleeping.  So I took off Monday, Johns mom watched her today and his shift is tomorrow.  Ya'll it is pathetic.  A 2 year old sick is so so sad.  She has slept for 18+ hours a day.  Sounds like a dream to any toddler mom but its not, cause I know she feels awful.  She has been plesant other than when puking, and done nothing but snuggle and sleep. 
We have had lots of happy smiles.

And lots of "napping" on the couch.
(Yes she has been wearing the same pjs for 3 days.)
So even while we are trying to get over the funk some cool shizz has happened.  I got a new car.  I mean I got a new Van, a MINIVAN.  I have a minivan!  HA!  I am so excited.  Although the transition was hard (mentally) and still is, this thing is amazing.  I have cruise control you guys, I have never had cruise control.  I have consistent AC, I have a LIFETIME warranty.  Lifetime.  The only thing it doesn't cover is the wipers and headlights.  Holy shit. 
So I started this post 11 days ago (Saturday the 16th) and just got back to it.  The littlest Macon has since quit barfing but still is acting funny.  I am taking her to the doc today.  We are supposed to go to Nashville for the weekend for the Trickey family festivities but if she is sick still we can't risk giving it to Grannie.  Boo.  I still love my mini-van and I turn 30 Friday.  Crap.
Hope I can find more time in my older, wiser years to blog...

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