10 items or less...PLEASE

First off, I know that I said that I was starting a blog to chart the growth of our little one...with that being said she won't be here for a little while longer so until then I am here to bore entertain you with what is happening in my life right now!  I have a major peeve, one that fires me up to no end, one that makes me want to hurt someone....I guess I will hold off on doing these things and just bitch about it instead.  We shop at Publix.  I mean really shop, all the time, everything we need, we go about 5 times a week if not more.  It is always pleasant, the people are friendly and helpful and we can always find what we need.  So everyday we head over to Publix and ride around the parking lot looking for a spot, we don't mind walking, we almost always park in the back of the parking lot just because I make fun of the people that wait 15 minutes to pull into a spot up close and by the time they have gotten out of the car, I am done shopping.

I have been wanting to park under this sign for about 5 months until deciding that I can actually park here!
I now have FULL rights to the "New or Expectant Mom" parking space right up close to the door, and now that I do there is ALWAYS a non-pregnant, overweight, lazy person getting out of their town car that is parked in MY spot!  Yes, MY spot, I earned that spot, I gained 44 pounds to be able to park in that spot, I get out of breath thinking about walking from produce to frozen foods because I am pregnant, not just fat, pregnant.  After we once again park in the back and walk into the store giving the evil eye to the childless mid 40's lady who "just doesn't feel like walking" we  begin our shopping.  It never takes too long because like I said, we go almost daily, so as we round the corner at frozen treats (always the last stop!) we come upon the Express Lane.  The 10 items or LESS lane, the "oh you just came in to grab fruit, ice cream and bread" lane, we stumble upon the assholes people that are in this lane with anywhere from 15-237 items.  What about 10 items or less is so hard to understand people?  We look at each other, then at the lazy bastard that probably left his/her car running in the "pregnant" spot and laugh, every time we laugh.  Sometimes I say a little loudly, " man that is a long receipt for 10 items" but every time, we laugh.  We leave Publix laughing and while we walk the mile to the car as I huff and puff trying to get some air in my tiny, baby squished lungs we see the non-pregnant man with no small children and his 219 items putting his bags into his car that is in MY spot and then what does he do?? Oh you would never guess.  He does not walk the 3 feet to the cart return, or back into the store with his cart, oh heavens no, he pushes it up against the "Expectant Mom" sign, gets into his car, and drives right by us...still walking.


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Hilarious-that is the most annoying thing ever! I used that spot like it was my job when I was pregnant. ANd youbetter believe if it was taken, I would go in and stalk out the pregnant person to make sure they were as pregnant as me! And the 10 items lane, srsly, don't get in it unless you are toting 3 kids and they are crying and being annoying with your 11th item! Cart return-SERIOUSLY can people be this lazy???? IT's 25 feet away-walk over there you lazy a!

  2. Sagie, you had me giggling on this post! I don't park in the pregnant spaces but I have been known to go in the 10 item lane with 14 or 15 things BUT ONLY IF THERE IS NOBODY IN LINE! I'll try to do better!! ♥

  3. I would have busted that lazy dudes teeth out. Pregnancy for this Griza is like drinking whiskey for 10 hours straight. I will CUT you if you get on my nerves these days!
    and that whole 10 items thing..... grocery store regulating must run in the Fam b.c your sister yelled at some rude dude for being a grocery store nazi once when I was with her.


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