Are you "Enjoying the small things?"

Have you guys ever read or seen something that literally changed the way you think?  Like made you feel different about something you never knew you had feeling for in the first place?   Although I just started blogging I have been quite the blog stalker for sometime now.  When my sister @ The Edwards Edition started blogging I made fun of her. I said, "who the hell is going to read that and why do people do this?"  Now I get it.  I can start reading on her page and look up and it is 3 hours later, I haven't made dinner, I'm crying over someone I don't knows blog, and forcing John to READ THIS BLOG I FOUND.  

When I was little I used to ask my mom if I could adopt Down Syndrome babies when I grew up because I didn't think that it was fair that some people didn't love them and I would.  I used to beg her, I used to think adoption was simple and I would never be married and want to have my own babies, I would just "get" these babies from all over and love them like my own.  I wanted tons of babies, I wanted to live in Australia with all of them and give them nothing but love, and I believed I could...then I grew up.  And all of the bad that is in the world changed me, changed how I feel and think and love.  Changed me completely.  

A while back I came across a blog that helped me get back to that love with an "absence of stereo-types" that I felt when I was a little kid pretending my baby dolls had down syndrome because I thought they were so much cuter than "normal" babies.  Guys I am not kidding, a hundred times through out my pregnancy I have thought "WHAT IF?"  What is she is sick, what if she has a disease, what if she has heart problems, what if she dies, what if?  I want you to know that now I know what if.  Now I know that if anything in the world were to be "wrong" with my sweet angel I could do it.  I could totally and completely do it.  This blog has brought me to GUT-wrenching tears more than once and it is not in a bad way, it is the sweetest, most loving tears I could ever have.  I have them for this family, I have them for myself, I have them for Nella & Lainey.  I have them for everyone who has EVER had to live through anything, even just life.  So please go see this beautiful life that this family lives, just this normal one in a million family because man they live it in a beautiful way, they really do.
  "Enjoying the Small Things"


  1. Sarah, you continue to amaze me! Now you know how your heart can be so filled with love! And reading "Enjoying the Small Things" will definitely fill a heart with love!!

  2. oh my have you grown up dearest friend. you will have the perfect baby. and if she's a little different, she'll just be even more like her mother. baby macon is a lucky girl. i loves you pal!! and i especially love your blog.

    love--your lp

  3. I agree with Jill's comment-isn't LP Jill? :D Me likey sissy! And me love you and SHM!

  4. Yes Jill is LP!! Me love you sissy

  5. Sarah, Your blog is amazing...you are going to be such a wonderful Mother and I can't wait for baby Scarlett to get here!!! Your Are you "Enjoying the small things"? blog is inspiring!!! :) <3 you!!


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