My day at the farm

Yeah you read it right, I said day at the farm, yes me, I went to the farm.  Ha! Well we went, but that is kind of a big deal for me, I am not a "out in the sticks" kinda gal.  If you know me you know that I like to shop, go out to eat, and shop so being 30 miles from the nearest SAM's club just won't cut it!  But...we have family that lives in a little town called farm Spiegner, AL and today we went to play!  With fun projects in mind we left home at about 10 this morning.  John & his cousin Matt are cooking BBQ in a big time cook thing (contest?) with fancy peeps like Myron Mixon so we had to give the methods a test run just to be sure that they can beat him!  (They can)  I on the other hand had ulterior motives...Matt's lovely wife Erin happens to have a monogram machine and offered up her services and ya'll let me say, a southern baby cannot have enough monogrammed goodness, so I quickly found a few plain items we have that we could spice up!  Now if these 2 temptations weren't enough to get us out to the "sticks" then this little guy was!!

This is Rutledge and you guys he is the cutest thing ever!  I am not kidding he is one good looking kid!!  Now he is not to fond of "Wawah" as he calls me but he loves him some John, he just laughs & laughs when John picks him up!  He cries when I look at him!  We arrive this afternoon and Erin immediately pulls a pork tenderloin out of the oven and slices it perfectly thin for sandwiches!  Delicious!  The boys go directly to the barn to begin the cooking and Erin and I set out on our monogramming adventure!  Before I go straight into the cuteness of my loot I will show you what we got to bring home just to make your mouth water a tad & as usual if you want the full meal you will have to hop on over to Johns blog!   It will be up later in the week.

And to give you an idea of how BIG this thing is, take a look at my big ass next to the smoker!  My ass didn't look so big here, I think I may bring this thing around with me until I give birth...

OK back to the fun!  First of all, for anyone that thinks monogramming is easy, it is not!  There are a LOT of steps in doing it and if you don't pay attention, you will monogram the wrong side of things...not that we did this or anything.  Once we chose our fonts and what was going to go on each item, we had to make them on the computer then pick thread colors then do all of this other crap that I am soooo glad Erin had the patience for before we could even start!  Wanna see my goodies?

This is one of several sweet little blankets that Grannie made for baby!

2 little plain onesies that we put an "S" on.

Blanket from Grannie

My FAV of all!!  This is the softest, sweetest blanket of all with a pink hem stitch and green letters.  This is our "out on the town" blankie!

You guys, we made out like bandits from our day at the farm!  It was tons of fun, relaxing, and we got some great loot!  Needless to say, we will come down any time Matt & Erin!  And for all my preg buddies, Erin monograms for WAY cheaper than you can buy so let me know if you want some prices.  She also does package discounts. (the more you want, the cheaper it is!!)


  1. Dang dude, make your nieceynash some of that! I like pink and green too!

  2. I'll see what I can do sissy! What kind of things do want monogrammed? Erin had a really cute idea for a beach towel. Do you already have one for Emma? If you do and it is plain, send it to me and I will pay her to monogram it for our 1st annual sissy/BIL beach trip!! WITH BABIES!!

  3. DANG! Dude can I go to the farm? I had a dream the other night of my friend owning a monogram machine. I have TONS of stuff I wanna get monogrammed! Hook a sista up!
    I also am still awaiting my beach trip invite

  4. Oh lg I have already prepped Erin for all the Fenn things I need monogrammed, for real. She has fair warning that I am gonna be hitting her up for all of your baby pressies!!

  5. What a fun day, and all of the cool baby loot was great. I love you Byrd


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