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Alright, where do I start?  I suppose here is as good a place as any! I am 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant...Due to have a baby girl on May 6th.  For those of you that didn't know, that is 10 days short of my 1 year anniversary... so yeah we have been BUSY!  Shortly after I married my one true love we discussed having kids, should we wait, should we not, what should we do?  We both decided (with a little nudge from myself) that we would just see what happened.  After my sister from The Edwards Edition suffered multiple miscarriages and many of our friends have tried and tried and are still trying to get pregnant we thought we would put it in someone else's hands.  Man they had some fast hands because a short 2-3 month after being newlyweds we had to come to terms with being parents as well.  As much as I thought I was ready to be a mom, I was FREAKED out!! SO, here we are 7 months later and we are so excited at the thought of being parents to a little bitty us!  Scared, yes, but excited too!!  I figured I would start a blog so that our friends and family that don't live in town could see our little girl (and us) ALL OF THE TIME!!  Well I am getting a head start and thought I would show some of the nursery, the growing watermelon I seemed to have swallowed, and get these first few posts out of the way so that when little miss decides to arrive I won't have virgin bloggers block.  I will give warning that I cannot promise a clean happy sweet blog, this is going to be me, and those of you that know me, know I am far from 100% clean, sweet, and lovely.  (I'm like 99% there.)  So if you don't want to hear me bitch, moan, and talk about the fact that I haven't pooped in 3 days thanks to iron pills then I would suggest you move on to another read.

OK thats out of the way.  According to my "What to Expect" app on my phone, I have 7 weeks and 3 days to go...I kind of hope it is more like 4 weeks and some days but hey, who's counting?  Baby Macon is as big as a honeydew (from head to toe,) thats about 19 inches and 4.5 pounds... now if only I could figure out where the other 40.5 pounds is that I have gained??? Hmmm anybody?  This app is awesome!  I have had it from the beginning and think it is a great way to follow pregnancy, especially if you are guilty of buying multiple books, reading 3 pages, and putting them down!  It also has weekly photo albums so that you can track the ways your body changes week by week.  I have just recently gotten to the point of uncomfortable-ness that is keeping me from sleep, my other true love, and according to the app this is the time that happens!  Apparently this is normal but for whatever reason I was under the impression that I would surpass all pregnant women in the world and only gain a few pounds, never be sick, never lose sleep, and still want to have sex (yeah right!) God was I WRONG!! Ha! With the exception of being sick, I have surpassed all of these and then some.  If you have been pregnant, then you are well aware of all the weird/gross things that come along with it.  Now unlike my sister, I DO NOT love being pregnant.  Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful and I can't believe I am making a human, but I do not enjoy it by any means.  I long to be skinny again, I want my body back, my normal clothes, my jeans with actual zippers.  I want to see my feet, my feet in heels, I want my boobs to be small and not leaky and bumpy and gross, I want my thighs to be smaller than a redwood and I want to feel good!! Like really good, and awake.  I feel so bad for John (my husb) for having to see all of the above and for only getting to look at a "hot wife" for a little while.  Now he has to see me struggling to get on HIS boxers to sleep in and wearing a size E bra...Really that exists, mine is cutting into my back fat as we speak.  He still tells me I am beautiful everyday and I believe him but this is NOT what I call beautiful!  Now I am going to show a few pics of little girls room and some cute-ness! Maybe even one of my sexy belly!! Consider yourselves lucky!

First and foremost, if you are not a member of Publix Baby Club JOIN NOW!!  It is free and I got coupons for all of this, some free, some BOGO, but you get coupons up until the babies 2nd birthday!! I don't know about you guys, but I like free junk.  My loot:  bought the Huggies diapers, got the box of Huggies wipes free.  Bought one pack of Kotex Maxi pads, got one free.  Bought one pack of Publix wipes refills, got one free.  Also I had coupons for free: Beech Nut Rice Cereal, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a big cocoa butter lotion, and a hand sanitizer!! Dang ya'll!! I spent $38 and got $28 worth of free baby goods!!
This is little ones crib!! I think it is so sweet! The crib is an antique guys!  As in my mom used to sleep in it, DANG that's old!! (j/k momma!!)  Found the bedding at Storkland for a measly $475, laughed in their faces, then found it online for $127!! The cute prints are from ETSY.  Very cheap and adorable!! I think I paid $41 for all 5 including shipping!  And please notice the sweet little Sleep Sheep hanging on the crib!! A great gift from my Johns momma!

We really wanted to have a bed in the nursery so we could both sit and play with baby, we got lucky because  my Johns momma found us a twin bed that matches the crib!!  This was used by John when he was little!!  The bedding is from L.L. Bean on major sale!  The bird prints are from Target & they were $19.99 a piece, a little more than I wanted to pay but I had to have them!  They are now on sale for $13.49!  The little white lamp base was $14 from Wal-Mart. The mirror and the basket are handmade from family members and I love them!!
Sorry for the bad lighting but I got his chair for CHEAP!! $169 at Wal-Mart and $20 for the slipcover!!  The curtains are from Land of Nod on sale for $40 for 2 panels!!

The most awesome car seat & stroller!!  I could not pass these up, I have a friend that works at Swaddle in town who sold me on both!  We chose green so that we can reuse.  These are Peg-Perego, an Italian brand that is by far the safest, not only do they pass European safety standards (which are higher than ours) they are super cute!

That is all you get for now but stay tuned as I attempt to track our wonderful little mess that we are referring to as life!
I will leave you with my belly!! Maybe you will get face next time!
(This is the changing table covered in all of the clothes I have yet to wash!)

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  1. Yay! I am the first comment! So glad you finally decided to start a blog so I can see SHM all the time! Lou misses her cousin and she hasn't even met her yet! Speaking of, the devil is on my lap trying to type you a comment cause after we just hung up she started fussing!

    Anyway, I love the writing, it is sooooo you and every one that doesn't can sib50. Tell me when I can pimp you out to my followers!

    Love ya sissy!

  2. and take off comment moderation-it's annoying. Please and thank you.

  3. Just for your info smarty britches, the crib was not mine!!! I am way older than that damn bed! (or not......) But it was yours!!! I love the blog, I love you, I love John, and I love Scarlet too!!

  4. Me leave nother comment-ya take closer pic of belly and show me. also, i love the new setup!

  5. thank you for removing the comment moderator!

  6. LoL ! Great job scrisster! I enjoyed all of that. You are already an A++ blogger. Now do a roll of belly pics with weeks! I need to see and you will want a record of that!

  7. Sarah- The blog rocks! I can really hear your voice in it! Can't wait to see more pics!


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