Shower the baby #1

We have the most wonderful friends!!  Yesterday we had our very first baby shower and it was so much fun!  Great people, great snacks, great cake! and of course great presents for the babe!!  Our friends got together to throw us a couples shower, one where we could relax, mingle, eat & drink.  No silly measure my belly games (thank god) because I don't think anyone really needs to know the inches of this beast, just relaxing fun!  While the boys drank and goofed off the girls sat around and gossiped (and drank and goofed off!)  They had a beautiful cake and ya'll I don't like cake but I guess I could have fooled everyone as I sat there eating off of the cake (no plate required).  Someone made a magical cream cheese dip with strawberries that I ate with a spoon as well!  Here are a few pics!

Me & John

How cute is this!!!

2 of the sweetest girls who thanked me for all of "their" presents!  They thought they were for them!

It was a wonderful Saturday evening with friends!  Now, back to our junk food & jammy day!!  Yeah you read right, we are both in pajamas and have disgusting plans to have pizza rolls, chips & dip, carrots & bleu cheese, & watermelon for dinner...all while watching the new Simpsons!  


  1. So glad you had fun! I shall have to call you later to gossip-I heard something interesting from mom....

    That cake is too cute!

  2. Love it! We had so much fun! Love you guys!

  3. I wanna see pictures of the dang presents! That cake is super cute!


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