It's almost been a whole year...

No! I haven't been pregnant for a whole year, it just feels that way, but I am only 47 days from being married for a WHOLE year!! This has been the best year of my life!  I am so excited for what is to come for our little family of 2.5!  I finally, yes 300+ days later, put our wedding pictures on the computer and I can't seem to stop going through them, so I am going to share some of our awesome day with ya'll!  We got to start out with a few relaxing days just hanging around the beach with all of our closest friends and family!  Many memories (or things I can't remember) were made!  Such as my "bachelorette" party, this consisted of us 3 bar-hopping around Florida & Alabama and having old men pay for our drinks.

See when I drink, I seem to make A LOT of friends, usually older friends, and I insist on inviting them to my wedding.  I then reassure them that swim trunks and a Guy Harvey t-shirt just happen to be the "preferred dress" for the occasion...

No, shortly after this was taken I DID NOT get on stage with the band and wail out on my air guitar all while smoking a cigarette, holding a can of Bud Light, and being filmed by my dear friends.  Classy I know.

Lets get to the good part shall we?  Now most that read this were lucky enough to attend this big event and man was it fun!! We had a quick ocean front ceremony in which my soon to be husband about passed out due to hangover heat-stroke.  As soon as it concluded our guests went up to the reception room while we spent some time playing while our creepy, not quite Russian but with a slight fake accent photographer, followed us around the beach!  See for yourself!

We had a BLAST doing this but it was so hot and we were both feeling a little "thirsty!"  We were ready to join our friends and family up at the reception!  


We partied the night away!  We ate 40 pounds of crawfish among other things, and most certainly drank our bartender out of EVERYTHING before 10 o'clock at night!  Oops!!  When the happy couple finally decided to retire back to the condo so that we could make our 5am flight to Puerto Rico in 2 hours, we seemed to have given away all of our room keys.  So we spent an hour waiting on the OB sheriff to let us in, went directly to bed, got up an hour later and made a very long and tiring trip to our honeymoon destination!  

This is right when we got off the plane in Puerto Rico.  We were sooooo tired!  We immediately were offered rum for our taxi ride to the resort, we gladly accepted and kicked off the honeymoon!  We had a blast!  
I hope ya'll enjoyed seeing some of these because I honestly can't get enough!  I also have to realize that in 5 short weeks I probably won't have time to sit around and browse through 500+ pics just because I feel like it!


  1. You are so right Sarah, it was BEAUTIFUL!! What a fantastic look at the your wedding pics! You two are sooooooooooooo wonderful together! I cannot wait to see this munchkin you have made! ♥ you both!

  2. Wonderful wedding photos! Thanks for the sweet comment. Cheers!

  3. Great pics! And you are quite right....you won't have time to look through them;)

  4. dang ya'll are a good looking couple. Still sad I missed this wedding! :( Sounds SUPER fun


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