I'm a diaper in a genie baby...

I don't want to make this a strictly baby blog because you know not all of my MANY followers (HA!) are parentals just yet! I just want to get some input on the well known Diaper Genie... I have heard as much good as I have bad on this thing and I wanna know what other people think. My thoughts are that it is stupid, I just can't see why stuffing shitty diapers in a bag in this robot looking thing is really that necessary. I mean I just assume put them in a wal-mart bag and throw them in the outside trash. Anyone with me? Have any of you guys or people you know had one and what do you/they think about it? Let me know...

On another note I have my 34 weeks check up Thursday! Woohoo!! I will leave you with a pic of my sweet girl! This was at 30 weeks with eyes and mouth wide open! I am pretty sure she is saying, "Get me outta here!!"


  1. OK, I think these things are redic! I have another kind that uses regular trash bags, but we could definitely get by without it! We throw shit dipes in a Walmart bag and sling them in the outside trashcan.

    SHM wants out and she wants her aunt sister!

  2. two of my gf's had this on their registry and they said they used them for like, the first month or two? and then they just started putting the poopy diapers in a plastic grocery bag and putting them in their garbage and they used scented garbage bags.

  3. WElls, I dont have one and dont know but I heard the arm and hammer version uses regular bags and is cheaper and I want one b.c I cant stand that smell, and dont want it all over my house, I am not gonna walk outside to our big trashcan every time I have a dirty diaper.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I am excited to follow you and see your precious baby soon!


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