Back to work, MDO, and growth spurt

Man we have been busy!  Scarlet started Mothers Day Out a few weeks ago, 3 days a week from 9:30-1:30.  Don't be jealous, I don't get to lay around, bathe, grocery shop, or anything relaxing like that.  I go to work at the restaurant and work!  It is fun though, J & I have a great time working together.  On the MDO note, so I have been such a schedule nazi for the past 6 months because it keeps me sane, it makes me feel like I have control over baby needs and things when in reality...you NEVER do!  It is an ever changing process and I think I am finally figuring that out.  I got so mad yesterday when I went to pick up babes and they had her swaddled (we quit that a week ago) and had fed her an hour earlier than I told them to, and had put her down for a nap right after eating.  Which I never do unless it is bedtime.  So today I had a nice talk with the teacher and told her how I would like things done but I have come to realize that she will want to eat when she is hungry, be it 3-4 hours, she will nap when she is tired.  I am so gung ho on having this perfect day schedule and I just can't have it!  I can't guarantee that she will nap from 9-11 EVERYDAY, or 3-5 EVERYDAY so I am trying to get over it.  Thanks for listening!  On the swaddle note, I was so scared ya'll!  My friend Meredith talked me up and we just quit, cold turkey.  She woke up a few times for the first 4 nights but just fussed herself back to sleep.  Now that we tackled that she hit 6 months and is having a big girl growth spurt.  Waking up at 5 am for the past 2 days.  I didn't think anything of it because she normally wakes at 6:45-7:30 and I let her play in her crib until 7 or 8.  Well now she is waking up SCREAMING so today I thought I would see if she was hungry...was she ever!  She ate 7oz in about 2 minutes.  I felt so bad.
Anyway enough about me, what are all of you up to?  I feel like all I do is read, read, read blogs and don't comment.  Being a mama makes these few minutes I get to read very precious.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  We are thinking about going to Moss Rock Festival this weekend!! All natural, green, eco-art/ live music function!! Free to get in and a great afternoon event!  Let ya know how it goes!


  1. I am somewhat relieved to hear this about the schedule stuff because I swear Peebs doesnt want to work on a schedule regardless of what I do! ha so I guess we will just free style it for a while...

  2. The hardest part of scheduling for me was learning to let myself "flex". I, personally, respond so well to a schedule and routine and I want the same for my kids and for my family, because, eventually, it just works. But, maybe this is just something that Scarlet is teaching you....that we as parents can only direct so far and that when that baby is hungry she needs to eat and if that baby is sleepy, she needs to sleep. I certainly wouldn't let the MMO director try to direct my schedule but she does have a good point...to a certain extent;) Remember that MMO is a big transition for bebe too and the 6 month mark does bring lots of changes in terms of feeding/sleeping habits. I bet that girl is just wore slap out by the time lunch rolls around! All of that stimulation, watching other babies...it takes a ton of energy mama! We love y'all! You are doing a great job! Scarlet will be amazingly adjusted:)

  3. Weagle, I am so glad to hear you say this! I think it's something that every mother has to figure out for herself, mo matter what other people tell you. ;)

  4. Scarlet is so sweet! I don't get the whole swaddling thing- you and Sus will have to fill me in when we have baby S someday. Sounds like you are doinggreat though!


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