We had a 6 month "well" baby visit today.  If well means green snot and a cough that sounds like croup.  Well good news all around!  No croup, no ear infections...pretty much a cold, she will live.  Our big girl is 17 pounds 9 oz.  She's got nothin' on her 4 month old boyfriend PB!!  She is 27 inches long and healthy as a horse!  She is in 75th for weight, which means she slowed down on the gaining b/c last visit she was off the charts. As in 99th.  She is 95th for height which I am so thankful for!  Hopefully she will end up tall and sexy, like her daddy!!  She had some MAJOR shots, screamed for a sec then immediately passed out for an hour.  I tried my hand at homemade baby food tonight.  I will post it tomorrow hopefully :)

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