Fun fest

We have had a fun-filled weekend here at the Macon house!  Friday night we had cousin Wiss and Meagan over for dinner.

 We made Sante Fe soup that was sooooo good.  This is the recipe I used.  The only thing I did different was I used an extra can of black beans and no kidney beans.  It was MONEY and we have enough leftovers for 3 families the size of MckMama's.  Anyway, we stayed up late and played games and for the record 2 big bottles of wine does result in a pounding, life or death wine headache the next day.  Lucky for me the babe slept til 8 and John was off.  So Saturday we had to take a cater for work in the morning and then we had plans to go to The Moss Rock Festival.  The cater was at Pilgrim UCC.  This church was AMAZING!  Like I haven't gone to church in 15 years because I never liked the extremes I found in most denominations but this place was awesome.  They are VERY open to whoever you are, be it gay, poor, rich, black, white, anyone looking for religion that is a little different.  Or maybe not so much different but "feels" different & uncomfortable in other places.  Much like me!  So I am really excited to try this church out because like John & I were raised, we would like to bring baby up in the church.  I was going to go today at 11 (another bonus, it's not til 11!) but no one could go with me :( and I cannot go alone the first time.  I'm just not that brave.  After the cater we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch a bit of the Auburn game (WEAGLE) and grab a bite to eat.  We then headed over to Regions Park to take the shuttle to The preserve where the Festival was being held.  It was totally fun!  A few friends went with us and we wandered around with 16oz beers for the majority of the day.  Oh did I forget to mention that Johns sweet mama came up to sit the babe so we could have a day.  A just us day :) The festival was full of Eco-artists using nature or recyled items to make the art.  It was beautiful.  They had these little houses built that the kids where "building" using yarn, cans, and basically trash but they actually looked like real tiny playhouses.  There was music and tons of little hippie kids running around.  It was a ton of fun but freezing.  After we left there and went by a friends house to have a drink and watch the rest of the Alabama game (wahwahwah)   Came home and relieved "Hunny" the babysitter and went to bed!  At 8:30...It's a good thing too because apparently no one tells babies about the time change...our lovely one got up at 5:30am.  GROSS.  Anyway that was our weekend and it was fun!  Hope ya'll have a great week.


  1. LOL great report on the weekend! Love that top pic. Are they TWINS or what?

  2. They are soooo cute, Meg just got her hair chopped and I seriously couldn't picture it long again!!


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