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follow me on twitter, you may have seen I posted this.  If not you should follow me to get goodies like this more often! :)  I found a way to crack my baby up, like belly laughs.  Like enough to make her fall over which she hasn't done in 2 days, like melt my heart kind of laughs...

Anyway, whats been going on with you guys?  As much as J and I always made fun of the "Christmas Card" sending people we know & said we would NEVER be the people that send em', we are.  I mean HELLO!!! We had a kid, and she is really cute, and I can get 50 free cards from shutterfly, (so can you bloggers) so we are.  Yup I caved, John, not so much.  Oh well, I make the decisions.  So I have used shutterfly before.  I made 2 photo books for our baby girl and although I misspelled the work "understand" in one of them, they turned out great.  Wanna know how I spelled understand? "My bunny, we love you so much.  You will never uncerstand until you have your own."  Yeah thats right, it says uncerstand.  Anyhow.  These are the ones I like and the one I am getting is amongst these.  Can you tell which one it is?
SO what do ya think?  Are you gonna sign up cause ya should, and which one am I choosing??? DO guess!  Gotta get back to Gossip Girl!! Have a great night ya UNCERSTAND???

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  1. Letta! You are too grown up! What a precious babe.


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