chicken dinner

Alright!! I am allowed to introduce the lucky winner, winner of a $40 gift card to CSN stores!  They have baby goodies, mens & womens clothing, kitchen bar stools, and more!  Lots more!  So I did the random number generator via Random.org and got the very lucky Mrs. Southerland @ Southerland Living!  Email me your deets so I can get your gift card sent out!! I also NEED your oven fried chicken recipe like now :)  Hope you all had a SWEET Halloween.  We will try to catch up this week by actually sleeping, not eating 20 lbs of candy, and not spending an unnecessary amount of money at the grocery on a "beer" run!  Night peeps.


  1. YAY to the YAY! Soo excitd. Scarlet is a presh lil ducky! I will e-mail you my info in the morning! Thanks lady!

  2. and oven fried chick of course!

  3. love her outfit! I miss your blog! Use those 5am wake up calls to start blogging again!


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