Epic Fail

So kinda a lot going on.  This is more of a post of pics and a little bit of random-ness.  I gave homemade babe food a go... hence the title Epic Fail.  She hated it.  I steamed carrots for like 20 years, mashed em with a potato masher.  She laughed and gagged through all 3 bites.  In turn, she did eat an entire jar of Organic pears, 15 cheese shreds (with a disgusted face) and about 10 puffs.  I ended up blending the carrot mash with prune juice and making a slightly better puree that she could swallow.  (She really likes prunes.)  It is not that my child dislikes food, she wants all solids, but what I make for baby is so not good compared to what she sneaks off my plate.  I know what you're thinking, she is 6 months old.  She doesn't steal food but alas, we have a large ferret on our hands.  She steals ANYTHING.  Anyway we make some oven roasted potatos all the time and last week we made em' chip style with burgers and they were bangin.  Email me if you want the recipe.  Here is the evidence.
This is carrots before juice, and bad food face
 Carrots after juice and happy food face
 Cute baby and good taters!!!
 Punkin's empty jar of peaches & her cute self.


  1. I cant wait till thanks so I can see her and my neema

  2. Awww, my sweet girl is getting so big!! Can't wait to love her face!!!


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