Well (thank god) baby

   We had a doc appointment today.  Scarlet's 9 month "well" baby visit.  We have had quite the eventful day, as in I put Scarlet down for her morning nap and she immediately sat up and proceeded to clap and point at the door for an HOUR.  Seriously ya'll, we have to be somewhere at 10:40 and although she naps EVERYDAY from 8:30-9:30 I suppose she decided today was not one of those days.  So I said eff it we will head out early, you can cat nap in the car.  Not so much.  So we go to doc, she is 20lbs. (75th %) 30 Inches (100+%) and doing great.  She got a finger prick and a shot and did not so much as cry!  I was shocked for sure.  So when we got home I knew it was nap time so I took her to her room and put her down and she went right to bed.  Cool, for a good hour & a half.  We played about our day, crawling and chatting, and at about 3:20 (afternoon nap time) I put her down and she played, played hard.  She literally crawled around and moved "lovies" from one corner of the crib to another, sat up, clapped & talked.  I hear quiet and click on the monitor and what is my BABY big girl doing?  STANDING IN HER CRIB.  Ya'll I had no idea she could do this, she pulled up and is just holding on jumping in the bed.  UGH! She finally went to sleep sitting up with her head against the rails, butt crack showing.  The minute she woke up I lowered her crib to the last level and said good bye to our easy days!  John came home and she cruised around from his leg, to the table, to me, to the table and back.  I am terrified, our lives of laying her on the floor and going to get ready are over.  Anyhow I pre-registered for weight watchers today and have to wait til a night meeting to be able to start (Thursday I think) so that John can be home from work.   I'm nervous about it but I HAVE to lose at least 15 lbs by May when I make the beach debut.   What is everyone else up to these days?  Any crazy babies?  Good weight watcher recipes?  Talk to me!

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  1. I knew that was coming when she tried to pull up on peebs exersaucer! Big girl! YOu are about to be VERY busy!


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