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Like Donkey Kong.  When I was pregnant I took a scale to work to monitor my weight gain.  HA!  I know right?  So I got on the scale today.  Pre-preg I weighed 144, 2 weeks ago I weighed 162.5, today 158.  By some miraculous way I have lost 4 more lbs.  Anyhow our employee saw the scale and said he felt like he had gained weight and wanted to get on, I said bring it.  A challenge quickly emerged.  I forced John to get on the scale and agree to said challenge.  We wrote down each of our names, weights, and goal weights.  And we have 90 days to get there.  90.  As in May 9, 2011 is the end date.  You see we have Hangout Music Festival at the end of May and I HAVE to be thinner to wear a swimmin' suit, so here goes.  I need to lose 18 lbs. to meet my goal.  John, 20lbs and Adam 20lbs.  The loser has to eat day old cooked shrimp.  Like 20 of them.  I want you all to know that this challenge was spurred by our friend Michelle.  Her & her sister started a blog to lose weight.  Their stakes are a little higher (as in a plane ticket higher) so check out their journey as well!  Their blog is called "Ain't No Size Zero."  Good name huh!!!  Anyway, I made a awesome soup tonight that does not taste "good for you" at all, which is what we are all going for right?  Here is the link and trust me, it is SO worth trying.  It is from Gina's Skinny Recipes.  Try it, you'll like it.  Have fun in the snow :)


  1. yeah! nice shout out forreals, ya'll. i'ma check out that soup. also, can my challenge be if i'm seen eating queso i have to eat grossness?

  2. This is exciting! I hope we go to the Hangout!
    War Eagle!


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