So this post has nothing to do with the show Glee, except that I am IN LOVE with the fact that the hot guy just sang "Fat-Bottom Girls" to the fat chick.  Ahhh young love.  Anyway the real title of this was "Maids."  So let me start by telling you that we have maids.  We also own a restaurant.  We got these "maids" by meeting our guests.  They came in shortly after the birthing of little bit and John scooped em' right up telling them all about my baby blues and how I couldn't possibly mop, vacuum, sweep or change the sheets.  They clean all of the condo's above our restaurant and have references as well as insurance so we signed up.  Now they made a deal with him, a deal to clean our house every 2 weeks for nothing more than lunch once a week.  Deal right?  That is 2 orders of nachos and 2 large drinks every week for a clean house.  Totals up to about $40 a month.  Anyway I am drawing this out, all I ever expected was sweep, mop, vacuum, wash windows and well, that is pretty much it.  The first time I came home I was AMAZED, shocked, excited, blown away, okay I'll stop.  The house was spotless, laundry done, sheets changed, no dust bunnies, just perfect.  (and in exchange for food?)  So I got lazy.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind cleaning picking up, I just don't like doing the dirty work.  So fast forward to last week, they were supposed to come, didn't show up.  Called said sorry we will come Tuesday, yay I get home, looks clean, then I really check shit out.
1. apparently by clean I meant "stuff shit wherever you want just to get it put away.
2. by "scrub bathtub" I meant spray my childs tub & toys with clorox and LEAVE IT.
3. The white spots I have been questioning on my perfume, babies toys, my toothpaste, Moroccan Oil, silver jewelry holder is CLOROX.
4. It is totally ok to leave my hairballs in the tub and on the floor cause you get paid in food.
So they vacuum around all of our stuff, put dishes where ever, put everything where ever, and leave wet effing clothes in the washer.  Ugh I told John to cut the cord.  We would rather pay someone real money and be happy than pay them queso & chips and be pissed.
In other news, I was excited to get crafts from school, ya know the babies school.  Like ones that she made.  I got my first today :)  They made Valentine's!  Thank god I don't have to wrangle 6 infants in paint and glue but thank god someone does because it made me cry!


  1. Uh oh, They are coming to my house today... granted, they don't do as much for me, but I am going to check it out, too...

  2. You crack me UP, and that is the #1 reason why I will never have a maid, because I would probably never be satisfied with the way they do things, or I would come home in a bad mood and just get mad for no reason HA BUT if i worked I would have to have the maids for sure!
    Love Letta's art work! so sweet! I miss her!

  3. Laura doesn't need a maid. She has me!
    I follow her around and pick up the stuff she drops..

  4. They came yesterday and I thought they did a good job. Bathtubs weren't perfect, which I will definitely say something about, but everything else looked really good... no one that I hire would ever do it exactly the way I would...


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