I found it!

Once again I have found the PERFECT baby item.  This parenting thing is expensive.  Once I have my sights set on how I want one thing to be, I search (which equals "buy") until I find it.  Lately the quest for the perfect, non-leaking, self-feeding, transitional sippy cup has been going on.  I have found quite a few decent ones but the only one I liked leaked :(  That's what I get for thinking a Big Lots cup would solve my sippy woes.  I was perusing Amazon last week and came across this beauty.
This thing is badass ya'll.  Seriously!  We have had trouble with previous ones for different reasons.  A hard spout does not provide for a good transition, whether baby be used to bottle or boobie, a all of the sudden hard thing is not easy to learn from.  Also when the baby is drinking formula (or boobie) from a hard spout (they have "no leak" valves) they tend to need more breaks and in our case that means more times to open your moth and spill out ALL of the milk you just got in there.  This one does not have a valve as it is a soft nipple spout.  We also had a major issue with leaking from all of the cups we tried.  I wanted to get away from the bottle "nipple" shape in hopes for an easier transition and this was the way to go!  The handles are removable so J can still have his night time feeding where he is in charge heaven but in the morning, I can get baby girl, hand her the cup and set her down...what a gift at 6am!  I paid $13.99 for this cup and I just saw it on their website for $8.49...wah wah wah.  Check it out here.  At the end of my sippy cup search I can tell you that I WILL be buying at least another 1 of these if not 2, ya know for dish-washing sake :)  What cups do you all like?  


  1. i saw 2 of these at essex yesterday and should have studied them but I was in a hurry! Dang I will go back and check the prices!!

  2. I LOVE THESE! My babes is 5 months and she uses the bottle/nipple version...it's the only bottle that doesn't freakin leak all down her poor face. I've tried other bottles (not sure why, maybe to drive myself crazy...if it ain't broke...)and none of them compare to this one. I will definitely keep this in mind when baby is old enough. We currently have the Beaba sippy/bottle waiting in the wings. Did you happen to try that one?


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