Stuff your sorries in a sack

I seriously don't have anything to blog about.  We are happy and lovely here.  Baby girl turned 9 months old.  WTF?  We have a mobile, big, cute, even sweeter child.  John and I went on a date to Carrabba's with a Christmas giftcard.  Neither of us were hungry so we ordered a bunch of crap then went to a bar to get a drink.  Came home, had some wine and went to bed!  We made a frittata with my leftover filet, cleaned some and lazied around.  We (maybe I mean me?) have big plans this week!  I am starting weight watchers Monday!  Make fun of me now cause I made Mom's chicken & dumplings and may or may not have topped it off with snickers ice cream for dessert.  Yeah gotta get rid of this shit before I start a diet right?  Anyway we got tickets to Hangout music Festival (can't wait) and plan to go with the "out laws" so not only will we have FUN, we will have built in baby sitters :)  ahhhh dreamy parents, ya'll for real!  I am out like a fat kid in dodge ball but I just wanted to leave a quick blog cause it seems as though I never get here anymore.


  1. I wanna steal your blocks idea!! Love those pics and I miss my letta.

  2. Hey sissy, whasha? We takin that Minday so we can dick off with y'all! Me love!!

  3. Ooh, are you doing WW online? Can you fill me in on what their new point system is all about? I am so curious!

    And I'm not laughing. Everyone knows that the day before you diet you do a binge to clean out the pantry, no?


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