Diaper Bag

So my friend Laura & I have been on the search for the PERFECT diaper bag.  I have some great ones but as the babe grows I find our diaper bag needs to grow as well.  MY  favorite will alway be the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake society bag.
Petunia Pickle Bottom...
Now mine is light blue but would you look at this beauty?  What an ideal bag for any mother to have.  Cute, velvety, delicious, and great for any newborn!  That is just it though!  A newborn!  It fits a few diapers, a bottle and all your mommy goods.  Now as soon as little bit started requiring more than a "few" diapers, I began the search.  I went through a few others not worth mentioning then I came across this jewel!  The Kavu Fremont Tote.  
Seriously, this is the bag of all bags.  Baby bags that is.  Although it is not meant for baby momma's, it should be.  Let me just give you a taste. 
We have a big back pocket with a zipper pouch, perfect for tampons, tylenol, and baby meds.  The big pocket part will be for a few to go toys!  Middle is a great diaper & wipe pouch, and towards the front is a big pocket I will use for her food.

The front flap lifts up and shows a mom pouch that could literally eliminate a purse.  Has credit card slots, cash place, and a big mesh pocket for chap-stick, mints, gum, and junk!  (cause we all know what is really in a womans purse)
Lastly, each side has a great pouch for a bottle, sippy, or water and there is no need for it to take up room IN the bag!  Or the scare of it spilling on my iPhone :)  Not to mention it has a tighten-ing strap to secure you bottle.  I am so excited about this bag and the best thing about it, you Kate Spade lovin fools...this baby is only $50.  Thats right.  Love it!  And let me know what ya think!


  1. I Love IT!! What a great find.....will keep this in mind for the next babe!!

  2. Ohhh I do love it! I have always liked Kavu Bags!!


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