Oh what a fabulous weekend I had!  I got to Atlanta around 3:30 on Friday.  Sister and I unpacked me, I gave her the present my mom & I bought her and I changed into running clothes.  Her neighborhood has sidewalks.  OMG I have never run on sidewalks, & I still haven't because I opened her front door to leave and it started pouring.  And it didn't stop.  At all.  Oh well.  We ate so much junk that I ran like I was being chased when I got home yesterday.  Enough of that, what did we get into?  A whole lot of old school nintendo, a whole lot of sisters infamous pink wine, awesome taco bowls, a meatloaf, and IKEA!  Of course lots of baby snuggling too!  Little Harrison is so obsessed with me which I love because Emma has a take auntie or leave her kinda thing going on.  Harry on the other hand, oh that boy giggles every time I look at him.  Maybe he just thinks I look weird.  Whatev.

 Ikea is overwhelming.  I kind of feel like if you don't have a list you shouldn't go.  And someone should have a class on how to shop there.  And there are SO MANY people there, lots of asians.  Its weird.  I mean I don't mind asians but being in a warehouse with 5,000 of them is definitely awk.  I came home to my awesome hub and baby and she walked up to me saying my castle (from Dora-shoot me) and it sounds very much like she is saying "my asshole".  Needless to say, I made her tell me about her castle all night for laughs.  She is like a 2 year.  My in-laws asked me to look for a little table and chair set for her at Ikea, I found a cute one for $25!  I sat her down at it to color and once again reminded her that we ONLY color on our paper.  I got to cooking and turned around and she had morphed (there is no way she got out of that chair without me hearing her) to the kitchen floor and was sitting on a black tile coloring an ENTIRE white tile red.  Mother eff.  Clorox wipe got it up but holy god at the fit she pitched when I took the crayons away.  Like hyper-ventilating, stomping, choking out, throwing things fit.  It was epic.  I went to the back of my house to ignore her.  She followed me so she could throw it in my closet, then wrapped herself in my curtains and forgot about the crayons.  Weird.  I did not want to come back to work today.  I fully believe that I am going to win the $71 mill quick pick ticket I got in Georgia on my way home.  I really hope I do, I have big plans.  Drawing on Tuesday, I'll keep you guys posted.
Sister can WORK a meatloaf.


  1. Bahaha! Love this. I can sho nuff work a meatloaf, and we were workin that wine shawty. Ps its your booty, I love the way it jiggles.....make it clap. Swear she did that this morning unprompted and then on the way to the gyn she said honey boo boo child. I die. We are unfit parents. I can't believe letta colored on the tile then threw an Emma sized fit. Nice to come home to! ;)

  2. You crack me up!! Ikea is awesome and you need to download the app and browse the website before going in so you can focus!
    BTW magic eraser puts a hurting on crayon marks gone astray! Try it! so proud of you for running.. and jealous!

  3. Is sidewalk running not the best thing since sliced freaking bread? I loved running on the sidewalk, albeit in GHETTO-ass DC, I should blog about the time I almost got shanked while running in NW.


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