Really Sarah?

I am the laziest person I know.  When I gain weight I would rather starve than peel my ass off the couch and do something about it.  Its sad, it has always been this way.  Last Friday I was feeling fat, I decided to go for a walk.  I put on my fit pants, ya know work-out clothes that you wear to feel "fit" even though you wouldn't dare work out in em'.  No they are for going to the store.  Anyway I put them on, ear buds in, some fast paced Phish blaring and something weird happened.  I started running.  I STARTED RUNNING without being chased.  I counted to sixty while loudly screaming "Bouncing Round the Room" and running.  Then I walked long enough to catch my breath.  Then I ran again, HOLY SHIT I RAN?!  I did this for a mile.  I got home and fell out on the kitchen floor, drank three glasses of water then all of a sudden I was in the best mood I had ever been in ever.  Ever.  (I am told this is called "runners high".  Your body releases all these extra endorphins to hide the pain of running).  This mood lasted until bed, I couldn't stop talking about it.  Then I woke up, and could not walk.  Like I was hobbling.  So what did John and I do?  We went and bought running shoes yesterday.  Thats right, we are on the C25K train... John started yesterday, headache and all.  He made it, we feel good, we both hurt immensly.  I am skinnier already, I just know it.  Johns goal is to actually run a 5k.  Mine is not.  I mean I will I guess but my goal is more just to have a hobby, a HEALTHY hobby.  Plus it will sound so cool to be talking to people and just throw in the "yeah I'm a runner" thing here and there.  Also we are eating like birds now during the week.  No worries though, our weekends will still be filled with over eating, drinking, and whatever else we want to over do.  And for good measure here is Sisters and my little cuties.


  1. Haha, running is fun in short measures! If I can do C25K, then you can! Go sissy and Juan!!

  2. Yay! I am starting the c25K over again. I "graduated" last summer and ran a 5K on Labor Day. I'm starting it all over again because I kinda burned out after that, but I'm ready to get back to running again. Good luck!

  3. YOu crack me up! I love that Couch to 5K app. It was the most running I have ever done in my life!


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