Monday and a giveaway!

Typical Monday around here.  Ya know, getting your period.  Car won't start.  Driving husband to work in 8 a.m. traffic with a toddler.  Toddler losing her SHIT after seeing her father exit the car (that along with dropping her "phone"/broken ipod) screaming the entire 40 minute trek to the other side of town where her school is.  Pushing her into her classroom so she doesn't miss breakfast, me wanting to DEFACE a pack of cigarettes...Yeah all before 9 this morning.  Could be a hell of a lot worse though.  Hope some of you internet friends can lift our friend Amanda up as her mother lost her battle with cancer early this morning.  I can't imagine.  Her dear mom made sweet baby clothes for Scarlet & Emma.  I thought I was having a bad day, I wasn't.  Keep her in you thoughts & prayers.
I want to give you guys a present, cause I feel like we all deserve one.  It is Monday after all.  My friend Laura is a one crafty Momma ya'll.  She came up with this nifty thing, raised some chedda, and is now in full swing of being a WAHM.  How many of you have iPads?  Yeah I am jealous. 

 This can literally hook onto ANYTHING!  Dinner chairs, car headrest, grocery cart, etc.  The  list goes on!
Laura graced me with one of these puppies and since I am not a holder of the pad, I thought I would pass it on to one of yous' guys'.  If you haven't clicked on those links you probably should, and watch that video!  Seriously I have seen it in action and kids can't help but love it (moms too).  It is also great for hanging on kitchen cabinets to view recipes without the fear of grubby hands or food getting near your precious (creepy Lord of the Rings voice).  And this isn't it ya'll!  She has some other awesome "mom-ventions" in the works.  Believe me, when I get my iPad someday I'll be hitting her up to buy one since I gave mine away :)
I will draw a winner on Monday, February 6 using random.org.
 You have several chances to win & must leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry:
1. (Mandatory) - You must publicly follow this blog.
2. Follow Laura's blog by clicking HERE.
3. Like the iLatch on Facebook by clicking HERE.
4. Tell me why you need the iLatch (for your kid, yourself, or a gift)!
Open to U.S. residents only and don't try to fool me on entries, Ima check em' all!

  Hope you guys all had a fab Monday and good luck!


  1. Haha your retelling of the day sounds about right but you left out lettas heatstroke! So so sorry about Amanda's mom-that is awful, she was a sweet lady. You're right, none of the other shit matters. Family first! Love you sissy.

  2. I need the ilatch for my daughter. She's 21 months and loves to watch movies on our iPad. No that I have a 2 month old too, keeping he busy is more important than ever! :)

  3. I'm following Laura's blog through Google.

  4. I need the iLatch b/c Autumn is a tiny iPad wielding tyrant. It'd be a great way for her to watch movies on long drives, w/o me worrying about if she's going to strategically pour juice into the power port or fling it out a window. :D

  5. Thanks for doing the giveaway ( don't enter me obvi)!

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