Inmate Listing

Yesterday morning it was warm here.  I checked the weather and it said the high was 61 so I jumped at the opportunity to put my girl in a cute smocked dress sans tights.

We went our seperate ways when I dropped her off at school.  I had an awesome day at work and by awesome I mean I didn't get a phone call from the school telling me she had an accident, fever or tummy ache (she is 21 months old, she lies, they seriously call me to tell me she said her stomach hurt.  she can't even say stomach.  I told them to ask if her penis hurt...she said yes.) Anyway I made it through the day without a call from school and went to snatch her up so we could go see my mom.  I walked in ready for my cutie (not the one in the pic above) to run and greet me and when I opend the door she was  wearing something very similar to this, minus the squirrel, add a giant CCS in sharpie written across the front and back, and barefoot.

I busted out laughing and asked why she had on a prison jumpsuit.  The teacher looked nervous like I was going to get mad at what she told me.  I got nervous too.  She then described this to me.

Thats right.  They found my kid quietly in the corner playing.  They let her play.  Then they found her still in the corner, still quietly playing, WITH HER OWN SHIT.  Playing and squishing HER OWN SHIT and saying eeeeewwww.  You'd think a kid in a corner would give it away. No?  How about a kid being quiet, ALONE, in a corner saying eeeewww?  Yeah I thought so too.  So I laughed. A lot.  I asked her if she liked it, she lied and said yes.  I asked her if it was squishy.  It was.  Well we made it 21 months with out the literal "shit storm" hitting our house so I guess we're due.  Needless to say, she is wearing zip up footie pajamas at all times now. 


  1. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I guess this is what I have to look forward to in the next two months!!! I'm glad you took it so well. Not sure if I would have until much later.

  2. That is awesome. Ha! Let's, what a little hood rat!

  3. Letta, not lets! Is her dress destroyed?

  4. OMG that is so HILARIOUS!! Letta bear!!


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