The Awards

The awards just came out, I got bad blogger.  I have no excuse other than we have literally been on the road for 3 weeks.  Since we returned from Nashville my mom and I went to the beach for a few days then my Grandpa passed away so we were at moms for 2 more days.  We finally are settled back in and trying to get the baby bird settled as well.  I think all of this mess has messed her up!  Keep my friend Laura in your prayers she is due to be induced next week and is having a quite HUGE baby boy!!  Yay Laura we can't wait to see him! Here are some pics to make my bad blogger award go away!!

My Niecey

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  1. Shame shame gondra jane-bad girl. :D me miss ya. me see ya friday morning/early pm, right? me can not wait. my baby letta rocks the world! i am going to get some lovin from her this weekend since mom and dad aren't coming till saturday!!1


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