Day 3 - My favorite television show

OK now this is a tough one! 

 I love Scrubs,
 I love A Baby Story,
 but I think my favorite T.V. show would have to be...Gossip Girl.  

I know, how lame could I get.  I can't help it.  It all started long ago when I began reading Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl Series.  Yes they are teen novels and yes, I have read every one.  I was not even aware that there was such a show until my friend Monica clued me in.  She let me borrow Season 1 and I haven't turned back since!  I love Blair, she is evil.  I try to love Serena but every time I do she sleeps with someones boyfriend.  I tried to hate Chuck for 2 seasons but he seems to have turned around, or not.  Jenny Humprey is a whore and Dan is a dork but cute!  Bottom line, this show is my soap opera.  I love it, I re-watch the first 3 seasons all of the time and they never get old.  Do any of you guys enjoy this show or one just as dumb?!!


  1. Okay, I have NEVER seen a single episode of GG. Please commence to bring all seasons with you please m'am. I will start watching it this weekend!

  2. hahaha I've never watched it but I'm sure if I actually sat down and watched the the season I would get into it as well all that soap opera drama gets me sucked in!


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