Day 6 - 20 of my Favorite Things

My 20 Favorite Things
This shouldn't be to hard!!

1. My husband, seriously ya'll he is dreamy
2. My sweet baby Scarlet
3. My relationship with my Mom
4. Being an aunt
5. The internet (blogging, google reader, facebook, baby center)
6. My in-laws
7. Cheese
8. Getting mail
9. Cigarettes (I know this is sad, but true for now :(
10. Cooking
11. My pre-preg wardrobe ( which by the way I squeezed my fat ass into my fave jeans and although they don't quite button it's a step in the right direction!)
12. A Baby Story on TLC
13. Playing dress-up with Scarlet
14. Shopping
15. Tennessee
16. Orange Beach
17. Crab legs
18. Bed
19. iPhone 4
20. The Grateful Dead

Alright so there is my 20!  What are yours?  

Oh and for those of you that love a good laugh here is my MAJOR muffin top in those jeans enclosed in the Bella Band.
(read # 11) 


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Ah no ya didn't! :D

  2. I love the Grateful Dead too!
    Grew up listenin to them!
    Saw the Dead a couple times too!


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