Post in Pictures

What have we been doing?  A whole lot!!  Enjoy!

The cousins played.  The husbands and wives ate.  

We saw at beautiful fireworks show at the country club as well as ATE ourselves sick!
We also got to play with Laura from "Groovin with the Griza's!"  She is an honorary member of the Trickey family and due in 3 short weeks with a dinosaur baby boy.

We got all 4 generations of us together!!

Scarlet learned how to hold her head up!  She also got 4 shots and now weighs 11lbs. 7ozs.  That's my chunky girl!  She got a new nickname..."Duck"  Notice the feathers of hair, man I love her!

Hope you all are having as much fun as we are!


  1. everal things:
    *Our babies are the cutest things EVER!
    *I miss Duck!
    *The pictures are rad.
    *My baby weighed 19.12 today! Go meeema!

  2. Excellent post! You better start catching up! Kisses to Duckie. I had fun with ya'll!!! xoxo


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