Car Ride from hell

So the other day my girlfriend (and our 2 babies) and I went to Lowe's to look at "the fridge".   Scarlet had been napping sweetly so of course it was no surprise when the minute we pulled up she started crying.  I got her out, put her in the peanut shell and off we went.  While standing at the customer service desk I caught a whiff of something only my child could produce.  Of course this is an up the backer and this whole time I am mentally giving out bad mommy awards to myself for letting her cry.  So I get diaper/roadside bomb changed in Lowe's bathroom, put Scarlet in her seat and we go.  She starts screaming, the second she calms down friends babe chimes in.  This video does no justice seeing as how they kept crying once I quit recording so I could attempt to roll my head up in the passenger window.  Note to self - self, don't ever get in a car that has more than one infant.


  1. HAHA Oh girl I had a very similar experience not that long ago with three babies coming home from a trip to the zoo on a 90+ degree day .... and we got stuck in traffic. HAHA Me and my friend who was driving couldn't help do anything but laugh but the other Mom was so flustered we have not seen her since LOL I think out two boys scared her away for good.


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