The weekend!!

OMG what a fun time we had!  Friday morning Scarlet & I set out for Emma's 1st Birthday bash!!  It was seriously so fun.  Other than the raging stomach ache I came home with, we had a great time.  Maybe it had something to do with a lot of wine, pizza rolls for breakfast, hot dogs and cake for lunch, I don't know what it could have been!  Emma had a pool party with a few of her little friends and the adults drank and ate.  She had the cutest smash cake ever and after about 3 bites she kicked it off of the high-chair tray.  I didn't get a picture of that because I was videoing for sister but hopefully she will post that soon.  Here are some pics from our fun filled weekend.  Initially Emma was NOT impressed with the cake, the high chair or her bib.  Once she tasted this pretty cake she LOVED it!

The cousins!!

This little Gracie was an ANGEL!!  She was snuggly and cute and provided me with lots of love since my little one slept most of the party!

I have some more cute pics but my computer is being unruly so this is it for today!  Hope you all had as much fun as I did this weekend!


  1. Thanks for giving a shout out to Gracie! Sorry I missed the party and meeting you and your family. I really wanted to give your little girl a squeeze. She is soooo cute! Thanks for entertaining Gracie. Johnny was nervous about flying solo to a B-day party. Hopefully we will get to meet one day. I have heard all about you guys and love reading your blog. --Lea Anna

  2. Lea Anna I LOVED her!! I was so glad Johnny just let me have her. She is the sweetest thing ever! Next time I am in ATL you all have to come over!


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