Day 25 - My day in great detail

This is going to be extremely boring as my plans today involve eating and going to try to find a pair of jeans.  We will see what happens...
8am - Awake to what sounds like a bird fling into the glass of my bedroom window, look out and see wounded bird.
8:12am - wake up baby bird, feed her, change 3 poop diapers and play until 9:15.
9:15am - put S down for nap, get myself dressed and sit on the couch to blog/ watch I didn't know I was pregnant.
10:15 - S woke up early from her nap, I put her in the swing, no dice.  She ate at 10:40 then played until 11:40
It is now 12:13 and she sleeps. I will attempt make-up now
1:20 - Go eat at the restaurant with dad then go buy moving boxes
3-now - Pack pack pack all I can!!
Now - Drink wine and eat ice cream :)
Have a good night ya'll!


  1. LOL nice schedule! Maybe I need to write mine out!

  2. Ha! Love it, wish that was my day!!

  3. It is quite nice...Don't tell my hubs!!


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