Day 26 - My week

Seriously this post doesn't interest me cause I have blogged everyday this week.  Instead I will show you pics.  Thus far we have bought/painted "granite counter tops...has anyone used Giana Granite?  It looks way better so far but we aren't done yet.  We have totally organized the garage sale and I can't wait to see my sister!
K # 1, this teal and used to be white counter... eew 

Now step 1 of granite paint

I left that front teal cause I didn't want it to get jacked up during dishwasher removal.  Don't panic, it will get painted as well.
Another view, seriously ya'll this makes such a big difference already!

This is my outfit today, I know my legs look lame but my size 10 short are already too big and I am PUMPED about that, so I wore these knee shorts today and this $16 Old Navy tank!  Don't judge.

And finally baby girl trying to like the jumper.... if only she could straighten out both legs at once?


  1. Well, crooked leg or not, your munchkin sure is cute! Can't wait to hold her and Emma this weekend! YEA!

  2. Looking good! Both mama and the house;) I have never heard of granite paint but it sounds really neat! Are y'all renting to own or buying now?

  3. I very much enjoyed this post. Emily and I think Letta should be a baby model. she is so stinkin cute.
    You look great! Congrats on the shorts. Wish I could fit into a 10! Maybe soon!


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