So I took down a chandelier in the new house that was totally disgusting.  It hung in the smoke stained hallway and looked just sad with the blue carpet.  I looked at it for awhile before deciding that if I could get it clean it would look amazing once we rip up the carpet to reveal the hardwood floors.  We are doing that Saturday so pics will come!  For now, here is the before and after of the chandelier.

This is the hallway where it was.  Notice the white spots on the walls.  That is where pictures hung.  Ya'll for real, he smoked like 8 packs a day for the last 60 years.  INSIDE.  I am pretty sure baby had nicotine withdrawals after leaving here.
I can't wait to do more!


  1. Great work! YOu gonna have to Kilnz those hallways to get rid of odor and stains!
    Cant wait to see all these hous posts! Ducky is looking cute as ever

  2. I 2nd the Kilnz! 1 house my parents bought had to have 4 treatments of Kilnz!!! The person that lived in it had smoked indoors for 30 years.


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