Wow, we found a house by surprise (remember last post?) and can't wait to get in there.  With that being said we have a LOT of work to do.   I want to share some before & afters as well as some cool pics of our new crib!!
Alright ya'll here we go.  This is the house.  It is a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bath house with a 2 car garage, carport, man cave, photo lab, mud room, huge back yard, piece of magic.  Please bear with me through this process as my posts will be how I see things, not real life!
Now, this is a part of the living room, all of the furniture and crap is to be sold but the fireplace is beautiful and also backs up to the porch so we can cook/ stay warm while outside in the winter!
This is the living room/ kitchen.  So perfect, we will have our kitchen table & high chair in the kitchen and we also have a formal dining room for holidays!
(disregard the AWFUL overhead lighting)
This was a vanity in the master ( I ripped out the counter) that I am turning into my closet.  There is a big closet in the room already that the hub will use but I am about to closet maid this thing like nobody's business!!  Shelves, rods, lingerie chest, oh my!!   Why do my legs look like one is shorter than the other?
I was going to do a before and after of a chandelier but for some reason the pics are not loading so I will do it later!! ya'll have a wonderful week!

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