I have a really cute baby

No really, I do
She is PUMPED about birth control...just like her mommy
Really happy when she wakes up after a 30 minute nap
Really happy in general, and really cute.


  1. And use that Birth Control!!! Trust me!!! Its alot easier than you think to get preggers post baby! I'm living proof! HA

  2. I'm gonna have to agree! She is without a doubt one of the cutesy babies I've ever known! She needs to baby model!
    Um pictures of babies and condoms!! I die!! That is hilarious

  3. Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins Macon, you do have a cute baby but your middle picture is TACKY, TACKY, TACKY! You need to remove that one or crop the condoms out! Your mother has spoken....

  4. I know it is tacky mom but she was so happy and they were there. You see while packing I came across those little buggers and just threw them on the bed, ya know, to pack later. The baby then started crying so I went and got her and put her on the bed to continue packing. Well she ALWAYS lays on Johns side and it just so happens that they were on his side to, so you see it was kind of an accident, and she smiled so much I had to use it. And I tried to crop but it kept cropping her out to...Love you

  5. I think the picture is awesome! Too funny! You should send it to Trojan as an ad. "Don't want one of these? Then use these..."

  6. I see that I need to give you...the book. We will discuss later. No need for the birth control;)


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