Day 15 - my dream house

OH Emmm Geee!!!  OK Ya'll, about my dream house, it would be like, 4 bedrooms, at least 3 bathrooms, and perfect.  Well what to the what did we come across yesterday?  Oh our dream house!  My grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago and we have decided to live in this house, update, and make it ours!!  Hopefully one day, buy it!!  Ya'll it is beautiful and pics are coming!  Anyhow we have a TON TON TON of work to do but you guys are gonna shart when you see what we have been blessed with!!  HOLLA

Oh, and I am really disappointed in my giveaway turnout.  Is it a bad prize?  Maybe I should reply to the people who have contacted me about giveaways and turn them down...


  1. Oh i cant wait to see the pics and hear all about this. In fact email me stat and tell me more like where it is and all that jazz!

  2. Very exciting! Can't wait to hear all about it!


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