We started demo at 9 this morning and just stopped at 8 tonight, we had seriously flipped this house and sister you will DIE when you see it!!  We removed ALL of the overhead lighting as well as light switch and outlet covers.  We sheet rocked every hole.  We cleaned and painted every inch of grout, we ripped up the ENTIRE upstairs of carpet (that the dog had peed on for the last 3 years.)  Hopefully that will remove the smell too?
Extremely gross!
So a little bit funky but nothing a sander can't clean up!!
These are the grout before and after I cleaned it as well as the master floor.  Beautiful I tell ya!
This is the back splash for the kitchen.   Tons of pics to come I promise :)


  1. I am so impressed! And your comment bar is back now! Yay! It is going to look so good!

  2. DANG GIna! That looks super rad. I vet you are tired cause that looks like alot of work!

  3. Lookin' good!;) So glad to see you guys in this home! its gonna be fabulous! Also, looks like the dog tee-tee soaked through the carpet into the wood. In that case (it happended with my parents, except it was an antique oriental rug...), they had some flooring that had to be replaced. It wasn't that big of a deal because a runner covered up the wood that had to be replaced but I would defintely try some home remedies to get that odor out! They didn't work for my parents floors but they may for yours!

  4. Erin, we got some awesome urine odor remover from the pet store and it has worked wonders!! The house smells normal and will be even better after paint! Now let me know if you find some cheap runners! we miss ya'll!

  5. You are looking great in your pics. Scarlet is beautiful. I cried when I watched her get her shots. Glad there was no sound. OK I am so thrilled that ya'll are in the family home. It means so much to me. Love you all... most important have fun.



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