Not only am I a Mom but this one is for you mom.  Between moving, baby, being a wife, running the house, buying a new fridge, getting my period cause I accidentally missed 3 days of BC, and oh did I mention moving, I have NOT had time to blog.  I want to real bad but For the next week (if I am lucky) we will be moving and I just can't do it.  On top of that i don't know when the internet at new house will be up for me to begin (again).  I can't wait to give updates but for now you are just gonna have to wait and read all the peeps on my sidebar that actually blog...love you all :)
oh and I made Scarlet her first Shutterfly book and it shipped today :)  Can't wait to share the results!!!

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  1. i love those books and cant wait to see it! i had every intention and making one for Emma's first year and that didnt happen since I was knocked up!


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